Neurosonic Wave - mobile mattress

Neurosonic Wave - mobile mattress

4 890,00 

Unplug & Recover

The state-of-the art technology used in Neurosonic products provides low frequency vibrations which repair imbalances caused by stress. The vibration is highly efficient and its remedial effect is immediate and comprehensive.




The Neurosonic Mobile Mattress is a mobile solution that enables you to take Neurosonic technology with you for your travels. The mattress contains the same Neurosonic technology as our other products.

– Wave is even more efficient (about 20%) than our high-performance mobile mattress, which makes it especially suitable for the more demanding user.

– Electronics are housed in an elegant Vertti Kivi -case made from felt (60% recycled material).

– For the mattress, you can choose a lower or higher thermoplastic pillow for the same price – higher 42x56x15cm for men and lower 35x55x8cm for women. If you want both pillows, you get another pillow for an extra € 65.

– We have also improved the interior of the mattress and created a compact package that resonates even better.

– The price of Neurosonic Wave also always includes Sennheiser’s high quality headphones and music license.

All the products are controlled via a mobile application. It enables users to easily select and adjust the programs to their liking. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

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