Privacy Policy

Just like we like to take care of our customers, we want to take good care of your personal information.

We process personal information for sales and marketing purposes, for customer service and relationship purposes, and for customer satisfaction and service development. When you submit your information to any form in one of our online services, the information you submit will be moving to our processing.

The information of persons under the age of 16, are not allowed to send unless otherwise specified in the form. Personal data is processed by us and selected personal data processors in protected, information secure systems.

Marketing registry

Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd,

Saaristonkatu 1,  FI-90100 Oulu, Finland

+358 45 844 8863

Name of the registry controller

Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd

Business ID: 2370999-5

Address: Saaristonkatu 1, FI-90100 Oulu, Finland

Contact on register issues

+358 45 844 8863

Name of the registry

Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd marketing registry

Purpose of processing personal data

The contact information of the person in the register is used for the purpose of promoting sales of Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd. The information is also used for marketing and other information purposes.

Content of the register

The data content of the register consists of the following information. Depending on the purpose, some of the information is required to be provided in order to deal with the issue in a proper manner.

  • Name
  • Contact information (phone number, e-mail address)
  • Additional information (additional information provided by the person, such as a free-form message or feedback)
  • Other Identification Information (such as person’s public IP address)
  • Monitoring data (tracking information for electronic marketing activities)
  • Cookie information

Regular sources of information

Information provided by a person with his or her consent either on forms provided on the online service or in sales and presentation events, as well as material supporting the analysis and development of the online service automatically collected by the online service.

Processing, transfer and storage of data

Data is processed inside and outside the EU or the EEA. Data will not be disclosed for use by non-Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd. The information is stored as long as the customer relationship can be considered valid and for a reasonable period of time after the customer relationship has been broken.

Principles of Registry Security

The registry information is located in protected environments under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

Right of inspection and repair

Every person who has entered the register has the right to inspect their own data stored in the register and to request their correction. A correction request is made by email to the contact email address. By default, the request is directed to the personal data attached to the requester’s email address unless the person who sent the request is identified in some other way.

Other rights related to the processing of personal data

A person has the right to prohibit the controller from processing information about him or her directly for direct marketing, distance selling, other direct marketing or market and opinion surveys. If a person wishes to deny such activity, he / she may do so by email to the controller.

Cookies and other identification information

In addition to the information you submit from our forms, our web service stores cookies for your browser in accordance with our cookie policy.

Marketing Blockage

If you wish, you can set email marketing blocking either on a separate request or on the link that accompanies each marketing message.

Right of appeal

If you consider that the processing of personal data violates the processing of personal data, you have the right to appeal to the Supervisory Authority.

Did you have any questions?

If you have any questions about processing your personal information, please feel free to contact us.

Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd

phone: +358 45 844 8863


Oy Neurosonic Finland Ltd may also have separate service-specific terms and conditions, in which case these general terms apply in the alternative.