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Exhausted all the time?

New generation Neurosonic therapeutic technology fights exhaustion in a groundbreaking way!

The low-frequency vibration automatically affects the natural relaxation and recovery mechanisms, helping users to sleep better, relax and recover. This technology can easily be integrated to a variety of furniture and devices. 


Let our technology turn your product into a sleep health solution that makes a difference!


How we fight exhaustion


Neurosonic has a calming effect on the human body, the autonomic nervous system, and the mind. The production of stress hormones is reduced, and sleep mechanisms are restored. Nightly awakening decrease, and sleep becomes more restful and recovery effective.


Our technology stabilizes the autonomic nervous system, especially in sympathetic action. The neurotransmitter action is enhanced and the neural pathways in alarm state calm down.  

Physical and Mental Recovery

A much-needed restoring moment is provided through balancing the autonomic nervous system. Parasympathetic system gets a special boost. Both body and mind are mechanically guided to a meditation-like state, preventing and caring for stress-related symptoms. 

Intestinal function

The low-frequency vibration activates intestinal blood circulation and function as parasympathetic action enhances. Serotonin levels rise, promoting overall wellbeing.

Pain Alleviation

One of the core features of our technology is safely but effectively influencing the autonomic nervous system, helping the body to heal itself. The neural network calms down, lymphatic circulation becomes more active, and pain alleviates. Body feels more relaxed, and sleep mechanisms return to a more normal state.


Well-functioning metabolism has an undeniably profound effect on health.  Chinese medicine has long traditions in treating fluid circulation as one of the key factors in overall wellbeing. Neurosonic takes this knowledge into new kind of use as its low-frequency vibration helps metabolic restoration as well as muscle circulation to be restored at a faster pace.

Our technology

The Neurosonic technology is based on sensory tissue stimulation with very low frequency vibration. The built-in elements transmit the vibration, focusing the stimulation on certain body parts or the whole body simultaneously. As the vibration advances all the way into the deepest tissues, this natural mechanism affects the body and the mind via the autonomic nervous system, offering a relaxing, restorative or activating moment.

We help you grow

Our Partners

I have noticed that when stress levels rise high and I have an otherwise bad day, a little break to use my Neurosonic device clearly improves my wellbeing.

Janne Anttila
CEO, Eximia Business Intelligence

During my first treatment, I fell asleep in the chair right away. I most definitely recommend this product to anyone who has any kind of chronic sleep problem or has suffered from bad sleep for a long period of time.

Mikko Heino
Former cyclist

It is quite unbelievable how the treatment relaxes and makes your body recover. I have some old sports injuries in my back, and I have in the past often visited a chiropractor. My chiropractor has also noticed the effects of Neurosonic.

Sami Seliö
Two-time World Champion of F1 boats.

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